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What is a Lay-Away Contract?
A Lay-Away Contract is like the once popular payment method offered by retail stores nationwide. It is a written agreement that secures your desired merchandise for purchase for a specified amount of time. Your merchandise is held for purchase at the price offered at the time of your Lay-Away purchase. The price, time frame, amount of merchandise are all determined by the size of the merchandise and time of Lay-Away contract you choose.

How Do I Pay Off My Lay-Away Contract?
You may choose pay off purchase in full anytime within the specified contract time period. The "Contract" gives you the ability to guarantee a specific purchase price regardless of any increases in the selling price of our merchandise. Example: If you purchase a 2 person - 7 day survival kit, you will pay the service fee at the time of purchase. You may make as many, or as little amount of payments as you like during the next 30 days starting from the day of purchase. As long as you have your Lay-Away contract paid in full within that 30 days, there are no payments restrictions, minimums or maximums.

You are not required to complete your purchase and pay for your order, we will not report against your credit report or turn you into collections for not completing your purchase as we keep your merchandise until your order is paid for in full. You will however forfeit all rights under your lay-away contract and will NOT receive a refund of the service fee if your lay-away is not paid in full be the expiration date.

YOU NOT LOSE YOUR PAYMENTS... Any of your installment payments you've made towards the pay-off of your lay-away can be reverted to store credit int he event you are unable to complete your lay-away payments. Providing you request a store credit BEFORE your expiration date, any payments you've made won't be lost, therefore you have zero risk with our lay-away program.

To receive your store credit form your lay-away installment payments, you MUST notify us of your inability to complete your lay-away pay-off NO LATER THAN midnight EST of your contract expiration date. Failure to notify us by this time will result in full forfeiture of all payments submitted and all rights under your contract.

When Do I Have To Submit My Payment For Lay-Away?
ALL Payments absolutely MUST be initiated by the bank or postmarked NO LATER THAN the last valid day of your Lay-Away contract! Installment payments may be made at anytime and with any intervals suitable for your budget and schedule.

How Do I Get Your Bank Wire Transfer Information?
Simply make a purchase with us, if you select bank Wire Transfer (BWT) as your chosen payment method, you will need to send us an email or phone call requesting our BWT information to complete your payment. If you choose BWT during check-out, you will immediately receive the Bank Wire Transfer Information on the screen after payment... WRITE IT DOWN! If you choose any other type of payment method, then WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO SUBMIT THE WIRE PAYMENT and then email us at requesting BWT information, we will email it back to you within 1-2 business days.

What if my Contract Expires On A Weekend?
This is a cause for concern indeed. Then you will need to send us an email no later than midnight EST of the day of expiration. indicating your intentions of paying off your contract. Your payment however MUST be postmarked or submitted NO LATER THAN the following business day to be accepted or qualified.

Are You Licensed To Sell Ammunition In All 50 States?
Yes, we are licensed to sell ammunition in the entire US. However, due to strict laws regarding the sell of firearms and ammunition, we have decided NOT to sell either to the State of California and New York simply to avoid conflict and problems.

Will You Sell Ammunition Top Anyone?
We will ONLY sell ammunition to persons AFTER they have confirmed their age and that they are NOT a felon. Otherwise, we will sell you ammunition providing you do NOT live on either of our two restricted States.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Buy Ammunition?
Per US Law, you MUST be at least 18 Years of Age to purchase ammunition form us

Do You Allow For Refunds On Ammunition purchases?
NO, all ammunition purchases/sales are completely final. NO REFUNDS!

Is Your Ammunition New or Re-manufactured?
All of Our Ammunition Is NEW productions Ammo unless specifically stated otherwise in the listing description.

How Do You Ship Your Ammunition?
USPS does not allow for the shipping of firearm ammo, therefore ALL ammunition will be shipped by FedEx shipping services. ALL orders over $250.00 will require an Adult Signature with Picture ID.

Do You Purchase Lightly Used Tactical Gear & Supplies?
Absolutely, we will purchase your lightly used or pre-owned tactical gear and survival supplies. Simply contact us to request a postage paid mailer. We will send you the postage paid mailer for you to ship your items back to us. After we look them over, we will contact you with a price offer for your merchandise. If you accept our price offer, we will rush you a certified check using USPS First Class Mail.

Do You Sell Slightly Used Tactical Gear & Supplies?
Yes, we do offer lightly used and pre-owned items for sell on our website. All such items are clearly marked as "Quality Pre-Owned Item" and will be classified in their own specific categories so that they won't be confused with our "New Merchandise" inventory.

How securely do you ship your Merchandise?
Every order placed is shipped using either the USPS services for smaller orders or the use of Certified registered Mail for orders over $250.00. Larger or restricted delivery items are shipped via FedEx delivery services. Large orders require Adult Signature confirmation for delivery. Therefore every shipment is traceable to determine who signed for it and when. Such orders are also restricted delivery and can only be released by the courier to the person whose Photo ID matches the delivery name on the package. Furthermore, every shipment is sent out in UN-marked, plain packaging, the contents are always unknown!

How long before you ship my item?
As noted above, we have a 2-5 BUSINESS day handling time, which is solely dependent upon the type of payment method chosen during checkout. If you order on a Friday, your order will usually ship by the following Tuesday. If you order on a Monday and your payment clears the following Thursday, then you order will not likely ship until the following Monday.

Do you offer combined shipping?
Yes, but shipping is generally free for most items anyway.

Do I have to be a US resident to purchase from you?
No, however for our protection, we will only ship to approved US based addresses.

What if an item is missing?
If so, we will replace it once we verify with the postal carrier that the packaging WAS damaged on delivery. If you have to sign for your package, be sure to have your mail carrier mark the package as received damage, this will show proof that an item was missing from your delivery.

Do you offer large order discounts?
You bet! Tell us what you want & how much, we will send you a private estimate for your order.

Do You Work With Schools Or Groups For Fundraisers? Yes we will. If your school or group is looking for an exciting and profitable way to earn some extra cash, then we have several programs that are perfect for you and all age groups!

How Can I Trust You As A Seller?
Read our reviews left by other customers! Locate us on FaceBook and Twitter, see what other people are saying about us! We've been in business for over 2 full years now, we wouldn't still be here if we were a fly-by-night company. Either way, order a couple of small items first to test the water.

Do you offer returns?
Yes. The item MUST have the same condition that it was shipped to you in. Additionally all returns be free of cigarette smoke & pet odors and be fully intact in a condition that allows it to be resold as a new item. You may choose to receive either a store credit or a refund. Clothing/undergarment items are not eligible for a refund.

How do you process refunds?
Refunds are made to the same payment source in which your payment was received. If you paid by money order, you will receive a money order for your refund. If you paid by Credit/Debit Card you may receive a refund to your Credit/Debit card. Refunds will be processed within 3-5 business days of us receiving back the item being returned and being inspected for it's condition. Your Bank may have it's own time frames for actually processing the refund back to you, see your bank policies for details.

PLEASE NOTE: we do NOT refund your shipping expense to ship the item back to us, as we pay for shipping to send the item to you, we do require that you pay for the shipping to return it back to us.

Where do I return my item to?
Return it to the address we will provide with your RMA number. If you need to return a product, contact us within 7 days of receiving the item to make arrangements for the return.

If You have any further questions, please feel free to send us an email.
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