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We are not life advisers and therefore we cannot offer life planning or investment advice, suggestions or recommendations of any kind. Nor can we advise nor nor suggest which types or emergency situations or scenarios you should prepare for. There is no way to know for sure what emergency situations will befall us, or when. Please be advised that there are certain inherent risks in over spending one's finances into survival planning or emergency preparedness.

We highly suggest each person engage in preparedness planning in a strategic, well thought out agenda that encompasses each persons own financial budget and needs based on their region of the country in which they live. Each person should budget accordingly to their financial situation and only invest into their supplies and preparedness items according to what they can wisely afford. We do not claim, indicate nor suggest there will ever be a governmental, economic or crises collapse of any kind, or at any time.

We do not claim, suggest nor promise that any specific item we sell can or will save a life or lives, however it is common sense that suggests that being properly prepared for any emergency situation will indeed increase your chances of survival.

To help the government fight the funding of terrorism, money laundering activities and Internet Crime, Federal law requires us to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who wires funds or engages in transactions with this company in amounts over $10,000 in a single transaciton.

We may ask for a copy of your Driver's License, State issued photo ID, copies of utility bills, original copies of voided checks from your banking institution or other personally identifying documents. Such information will be used to identify you as required by law.

User Safety and Security
  • Guardian Prepper is a wholesale distributor registered with the U.S. Commerce Dept.
  • Your safety & security is valued when shopping with
  • We will not share your personal or financial information with anyone for any reason other than where required by law.
  • We verify all payment information from our customers for accuracy and compare customer information with their payment information against a 6 point security procedure.
  • All orders over $10,000 in US currency will be subject to our customer verification process and will require a photo ID with address and phone number matching that of your payment information.
  • For your protection, we will ONLY ship to your verified address on file with your payment source and verified to be the same as the information on file with your payment source.
  • For YOUR protection, all orders over $250.00 US currency will require an Adult photo ID & signature verification for delivery, or will not be delivered.
  • Have a question that you need answered? We are here to assist you, feel free to contact us at 1-855-229-6658 during posted business hours or by eMail 24 hours a day.

We WILL Without Fail, Prosecute 100% Of ALL Fraudulent Transactions
ALL such transactions will be turned over to the FBI for investigation.

  • Guardian Prepper does not promise to save lives by the use of our products or services offered.
  • Guardian Prepper does not suggest preparing outside your budget for emergencies.


Guardian Prepper is a legally registered wholesale distributor ammunitions dealer. We are registered with the United States Department of Treasury as a Wholesale Survival Goods/Sprting Company. Licensed Ammunitions Dealer, we have implemented a Bank Secrecy Act / Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Program, appointed a compliance officer and are subject to periodic examination by the Internal Revenue Service.

The company does NOT provide any life planning advice. is owned and operated by McIntyre Industries (Guardian Services) and complies and operates within the required guidelines of a ammunitions dealer as directed by the US Government and the laws of the State of Indiana.

Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm EST

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Guardian Services
3450 South St,
Suite #4111
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