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Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter UAV Drone

Price: $139.99

Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter UAV Drone with V-Cam
Model: Heli-Max 1SQ
Control: Wireless Radio Control
Suggested Retail: $229.99

Introducing the Heli-Max 1SQ Quadcopter UAV Drone. Now the everyday civilian can have the dramatic fun, excitement and experience of having their own personal flying drone quadcopter! Equiped with an onboard full color high resolution camera, this drone can have an ENORMOUS amount applications and uses. Use this for scouting areas ahead of your prepper group, hiking expedition or just playing around your neighborhood... the uses and applications are truly limited only by your imagination.

The 1SQ V-Cam adds several new twists to compact quadcopter flying fun. Its built-in digital camera lets you shoot High-Definition aerial videos, with transmitter-activated ON and OFF. An LED illuminates each motor pod for exciting maneuvers after dark. And its TAGS-FX Sensor Fusion stabilization system — featuring a 3-axis gyro and a 3-axis accelerometer — corrects drift as well as unwanted movement in yaw, pitch and roll. New pilots enjoy unprecedented confidence… experts gain the precision to execute perfect maneuvers! All told, you get a helicopter that is not only fun and easy to fly, but also a stable video platform.

This revolutionary machine is everything EVERY prepper needs! You've spent all your life on the ground. It's time to see what the birds see; it's time for the 1SQ V-Cam quadcopter!

  • Built-in digital camera lets user shoot and record aerial videos with transmitter activated On and Off control, RTF version also takes still photos
  • LED illuminates each motor pod for exciting manuevers after dark
  • Four independently controlled rotor blades make the 1SQ easy to fly indoors or outdoors in light winds
  • TAGS-FX Sensor Fusion stabilization system with a 3-axis gyro and
  • 3-axis acellerometer corrects drift as well as unwanted movement in yaw, pitch and roll
  • Heli-Max TX460 6-channel 2.4GHz radio with beginner and expert modes, servo reversing, charger port, and SLT receiver, Auto-FLIP button on transmitter performs impressive flips
  • 1S 250mAh LiPo battery
  • USB compatible battery charger
  • Molded plastic and composite materials for high durability
  • Heli-Max guarantees this kit to be free from defects in both material and workmanship at the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.

  • RTF 1SQ Quadcopter with 2.4GHz Radio
  • LiPo Battery
  • USB Charger
  • four extra Blades
  • Screwdriver
  • four AA Batteries
  • 2 GB Memory Card
  • USB microSD card reader
  • Instructions

  • Device such as a personal computer with a USB port to power charger

Length: 5.7" (145mm)
Width: 5.7" (145mm)
Height: 1.37" (35mm)
Weight with Battery: 1.1oz (31.2g)
Blade Length: 2.16" (55mm)


Lithium Battery Fires

Lithium batteries are becoming very popular for powering the control and power systems in our models. This is true because of their very high energy density (amp-hrs/wt. ratio) compared to NiCd’s or other batteries. With high energy comes increased risk in their use. The principal risk is FIRE which can result from improper charging, crash damage, or shorting the batteries. All vendors of these batteries warn their customers of this danger and recommend extreme caution in their use.

In spite of this, many fires have occurred as a result of the use of Lithium Polymer batteries resulting in loss of models, automobiles, and other property. Homes and garages and workshops have also burned. A lithium battery fire is very hot (several thousand degrees) and is an excellent initiator for ancillary (resulting) fires. Fire occurs due to contact between Lithium and oxygen in the air.

It does not need any other source of ignition, or fuel to start, and burns almost explosively. These batteries must be used in a manner that precludes ancillary fire. The following is recommended:
  • Store, and charge, in a fireproof container; never in your model.
  • Charge in a protected area devoid of combustibles. Always stand watch over the charging process. Never leave the charging process unattended.
  • In the event of damage from crashes, etc, carefully remove to a safe place for at least a half hour to observe. Physically damaged cells could erupt into flame and after sufficient time to ensure safety, should be discarded in accordance with the instructions which came with the batteries. Never attempt to charge a cell with physical damage, regardless of how slight.
  • Always use chargers designed for the specific purpose, preferably having a fixed setting for your particular pack. Many fires occur in using selectable/adjustable chargers improperly set. Never attempt to charge Lithium cells with a charger which is not specifically designed for charging Lithium cells. Never use chargers designed for Nickel Cadmium batteries.
  • Use charging systems that monitor and control the charge state of each cell in the pack. Unbalanced cells can lead to disaster if it permits overcharge of a single cell in the pack. If the batteries show any sign of swelling, discontinue charging and remove them to a safe place outside as they could erupt into flames.
  • Most important: NEVER PLUG IN A BATTERY AND LEAVE IT TO CHARGE UNATTENDED OVERNIGHT. Serious fires have resulted from this practice.
  • Do not attempt to make your own battery packs from individual cells.
  • These batteries CANNOT be handled and charged casually such as has been the practice for years with other types of batteries. The consequence of this practice can be very serious resulting in major property damage and/or personal harm.

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